New Innovation: Shade Headstones Good or Bad?

New shades and colour in headstones or tombstone are very popular now days. In this article we will see are they good or bad.

There is a brand-new product out on the market today as well as clients are inquiring about the innovation, this is including shade to conventional black and also white etched designs on headstones.

The procedure entails traditional etching which is a really superficial cut in rock and filling in the etched style with color. This is usually done by a musician by hand. This a costly procedure and color is not guaranteed to last in an outside setting. Some of the sites already make this disclaimer.

UV and tough water are a killer to paints and severe weather play an even more destructive function on these styles.

At American Headstones, our experience on etched styles is that after a brief amount of time in open burial ground conditions they often tend to weaken on the headstone or monolith.

“Customer beware” when picking these brand-new modern technologies, ask your supplier if he will be prepared to travel to your cemetery to fix or re-paint your headstone or monolith once it has discolored or peeled off?

Standard inscription is your best test of time, often relocating far from an examined product is not the most effective choice.

We have actually discovered that any kind of shade besides Lithchrome inks will not stand up to mother nature.

Shade Headstones Good or Bad

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