How to Porcelain Photographs on Headstones

Making a photogram on a tombstone not only looks good but also creates an emotion with it. So why not puting it on headstones.

Family members commonly call needing to know what to do regarding their loved ones porcelain photo that discolored for many years.

The photo did not discolor however a horrible accumulation of difficult water and also calcium film has actually covered both the porcelain photograph and the granite pen.

This because of the water that has dried over time extremely similar to your shower room floor tiles or swimming pool ceramic tiles at your residence.

What we do at American Headstones Company is a fast cleansing as well as clean. We begin with a moderate acid engrave option such as vinegar, CLR or any kind of calcium remover from your local cleansing supplier.

Be careful to always put on eye and also skin defense when working with acidic chemicals. Brush on the acid straight to the Porcelain image as well as tidy with a soft fabric. You might need to repeat the process till it appears green light once again.

Wash the whole rock with clean water to dilute the acid. To counteract the PH make use of an option of Sodium bicarbonate and water and wash the rock and also dry it.

As soon as neutralized now begin to clean up the granite stone with a Pumis stone. Scrub the granite only with firm rubbing pressure till all the white calcium accumulation is gone and the granite begins to shine once more.

Completed with an excellent granite polish from your neighborhood hardware store.

How to Porcelain Photographs on Headstones

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