Green Caskets Are Best Natural Caskets

If you decide to choose a natural, eco-friendly funeral there are numerous alternatives readily available in regards to investing in, or indeed making, an all-natural, natural interment container.

The whole idea with an eco-friendly interment is that the body as well as container can break down in an all-natural fashion. In years to come all that should stay at the burial site is the skeletal system of the departed gently enclosed in the planet.

No steel, no concrete, no harmful embalming liquids leaking into the water table. Simply essentially going back to the all-natural manner in which we utilized to hide our dead over a century ago.

In the USA there are now 41 sites in 26 states. A lot of all-natural burial sites are un-landscaped forest as well as meadow locations where bodies are inconspicuously hidden amongst all-natural plants.

In a lot of cases some type of all-natural stone pens or GPS collaborates are utilized to mark and markout the gravesite.

You can build your own burial container or coffin from timber, bamboo, wool or bed linen. Or you can buy a natural casket or casket from among several green coffin producers.

Kinds of environment-friendly coffins

Banana Fallen Leave Caskets

These caskets are made with coiled banana entrusts rattan and also seagrass.

Bamboo Coffins

These caskets are hand-made from bamboo. Bamboo is an absolutely sustainable material, as once reduced at the root, it expands back to complete height in 59 days.

Rattan Caskets

These coffins are constructed from rattan as well as are readily available in all-natural (light) shade or naturally colored (dark brown) shade.


Seagrass is a tough, sustainable grass that expands in abundance.


Farm-raised, lasting timber is utilized to create wood caskets. Cherry or mahogany can be made use of. Commonly they are constructed with retracting or removable takes care of so that there is no steel continuing to be upon burial.


Little child/infant caskets can be made from organic textile and also cording. They are offered in a variety of colors utilizing all-natural dyes.

What is the expense of an eco-friendly coffin?

If you determine to purchase an all set made or custom eco-friendly coffin you can anticipate to pay anything up from $500.00, plus a tiny shipping cost if shipping is required.

Ark Wood Caskets retails a flat-packed, easy to construct (6 pieces) wood casket at $469 + shipping.

Certainly you can create your very own green casket if you have sufficient woodworking skills. This might suggest that your casket should cost under $100.

Conversely you might choose to use a bed linen shroud, which will certainly also set you back under $100 if you acquire the material and also the family constructs the shroud.

Customizing a natural casket or casket

A distinct aspect of creating a straightforward wood or bed linen burial container is that you can select to have family and friends embellish it with personal messages making use of eco-friendly pens or paints.

Whatever sort of green coffin you pick, you can be sure that you are doing something moral as well as lasting, kind to the setting and also your pocket!

Green Caskets Are Best Natural Caskets

Did you recognize?

Yearly in the USA we hide:
827,060 gallons of embalming liquid
90,272 tons of steel in coffins as well as safes
2,700 tons of copper and also bronze in casket linings
30, 000,000 board feet of wood, including timber from threatened forests, for caskets

1.6 million tons of enhanced concrete burial vaults

A natural, environment-friendly funeral is a means of compassionately looking after our earth and our youngsters’s future.

If you determine to opt for a natural, environment-friendly burial there are a number of alternatives available in terms of acquiring, or indeed making, a natural, natural funeral container. Or you can buy an all-natural coffin or coffin from one of numerous eco-friendly casket makers.

Farm-raised, sustainable wood is utilized to create wood caskets. Of program you can construct your own environment-friendly casket if you have sufficient woodworking abilities. This can suggest that your casket should set you back under $100.

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