Fameseller Review 2021. What is Fameseller? Is it Legit to Use?

Today we are reviewing Fameseller. What is Fameseller and how does it work? How to buy and sell? Is it a scam or a legit service? We will try to answer all the questions about fameseller review and helps you. We will also see the fameseller alternative.


Android App: Buy and Sell Social Media Accounts

Price: Free to join, commission fees 7%.

Fameseller is for: People who are looking to buy or sell Youtube Channel, Instagram Accounts, Tiktok accounts, Pinterest accounts, Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts.

What is Fameseller?

Fameseller allows you to buy and sell social media accounts, apps, websites and domains. And also promise to provide a secure and safe transaction.

Fameseller claims to be the best leading marketplace in where you can buy and sell YouTube channels, Instagram Accounts, Tiktok accounts and many other social media accounts along with websites, domain and apps. People on this platform are mostly looking for social media accounts.

Fameseller promise to every user:

  • 24/7 Support.
  • Safe account transfer.
  • Website in-build messaging chat system.
  • Encrypted and secure payment.

How to Buy on fameseller?

To start buying accounts at Fameseller, first visit on their website.

Then browse through their listings, which can be filtered by price, audience of social media network.

When you find an account you want to buy, you can contact the seller with a message, or send an offer or bid on their listing.

When your offer is accepted, the payment transaction through paypal and Escrow (If selected by seller).

A team at Fameseller will transfer all information to you, then release the payment to the seller, once the transaction has been completed.

How to Sell on fameseller?

To start selling accounts at Fameseller.

Then you need to create a listing by clicking ‘Start Selling’ and add the account you want to list.

After that, provide some details such as price, followers, information, why you want to sell, category etc – and publish the listing.

You will then be notified with offers and bids, and sell via their In-home contract or escrow.

Is Fameseller a scam or genuine or legit?

Yes. Fameseller is a genuine service provider whom you can trust on. This marketplace has an average of (4.5/5) stars on Playstore. More than 90% of the customers who have used Fameseller perceive it as being excellent. Most of these clients have actually talked about buying and selling the accounts on fameseller which shows that Fameseller is definitely genuine.

Pros and Cons 

Pros ????????

  • It is a global worldwide service
  • The payment options are all secure and have refund policy.
  • It offers dispute resolution, where you can quickly and effectively handle any disputes.
  • Lowest commission rates.
  • Supports USD currency
  • 24/7 support offered through email.
  • Online presence on google playstore also.

Cons ????????

  • No Phone Support only via official email.
fameseller review 2021
Fameseller Review

Is Fameseller Safe?

There is no reason for us to believe that Fameseller is not safe to use. They have a secure process and will only release payment to the seller, after the buyer has confirmed the order. Simply, we believe that Fameseller is the safest way to buy or sell social media accounts.

Is Fameseller Real?

All the social accounts listed on their website are real accounts from real people. We do believe Fameseller is real. Their team works on every transaction, to make sure you will avoid getting scammed.

Fameseller Alternatives

Fameseller is our No.1 website to buy/ sell social media accounts marketplace due to its lowest commission rates.

But if you want to check other platforms for social media accounts, check out these other services:


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